1. Islamic Cyber Resistance Leaks #Bahrain‘s Intelligence, Military and Defense High-Ranked Personnel information http://www.wikileak.ir/en/leaks/14 

  2. Legal Group Launches to Aggressively Challenge US Government Prosecutions of Whistleblowers | http://ow.ly/jIPyO 

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  3. Syrian Electronic Army leaks http://Haaretz.co.il  Employees and Ministry of Transport of Israel Emails an Passwords http://www.wikileak.ir/en/leaks/15 

  4. New article: Why #bitcoin is poised to change society much more than the Internet did. (Yes, really, definitely.) http://falkvinge.net/2013/04/03/why-bitcoin-is-poised-to-change-society-much-more-than-the-internet-did/ …

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  5. U.S. Attorney’s Office asks judge to toss motion to intervene in the case of detained hacktivist Barrett Brown http://share.d-news.co/E2otoH 

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